Tuesday TIE Conference Tech Slam

This wiki houses resources from the 2013 TIE Conference Tuesday TIE Tech Slam. This was the first annual Slam. We plan to continue this featured session at future conferences.

What is a tech slam? When TIE staff are out working in schools we pair appropriated pedagogy and instructional strategies with technology tools that support the desired learning. Technology should serve learning. During the Slam we don't spend much time aligning tools with appropriate pedagogy, instead we very quickly show you some of our favorite tools for learning, play and efficiency. This session is all about the fun tech!

2013 Tech Presenters are listed with the tools they shared:

Sherry Crofut
Sherry shared some options for projecting your ipad
  • Dongle - $29
  • Apple TV - $99
    • HDMI adapter - $80
  • Reflector - reflectorapp.com
    • $12.99 single user
    • $54.99 - 5-pack
  • AirServer - airserver.com
    • $14.00 single user
    • I have since been told there is a $3.99 educator price

She also shared some favorite iPad tools.
Flipboard allows you to take anything from the web and save it into a magazine format - placing all YOUR content into one, convenient place. I am planning to put my RSS feeds in Flipboard now that Google Reader is going away. It is also convenient to follow specific hashtags in Twitter, like #tie13 in one magazine format.

Futaba is an iPad app that allows up to four people to play review games. While there is a free app, the paid version ($5.99) allows you to create your own questions. You can use Dropbox to send those questions to the other iPads you are using.

Find apps that are free or on sale.
AppZapp Pro

Lennie Symes
Please find Lennie's resources on his TIE wiki.

Jackie Jessop Rising
Jackie shared a way to remember to buy your chocolate milk using Wunderlist.

Marcia Torgrude
Marcia created a Google Form on the spot to demonstrate how easy it is to collect some formative assessment data. This is not a video of Marcia, but it closely mirrors the process she demonstrated on stage.

Michelle Davis
Michelle shared ways to use Google Earth in the classroom. See this word doc for links and ideas and/or view the link to her Prezi about the topic.

Kris Baldwin
This is Kris' Prezi that features the chrome extensions she shared. Here are the names and short descriptions of the extensions.
  • Diigo—bookmark, highlight, take notes, screenshot
  • Goo.gl—In addition to collecting websites, we’ve all wanted to share something with a friend, only to see the URL is about twenty miles long. I like bit.ly, but Goo.gl URL shortener also produces a QR code and includes their great analytics for tracking use of your link.
  • Tab bundler—you have a set of URLs you want to share in a presentation, but it’s so much work to remember and type in all those addresses. Use this extension to create a bundle of tabs that open with a single click.
  • Countdown—everyone needs a timer, and while Sherry does a great job, she just can’t be everywhere at once.
  • Send to Kindle—when you don’t have time to read that great research article right this minute
  • Twitter—you know, so you can tweet. Like maybe at a conference, or something.
  • Turn off the lights—dims everything but the video.
  • Last pass—remembers your passwords so you don’t have to waste any money on a password minder or a password minder protector!